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Unfortunately, even in the USA and UK the threat of theft, assault, kidnap, and even more serious harm is always a very real possibility, particularly for high-profile individuals.
Having an element of Close Protection (also known as Executive Protection) not only minimises this risk, but also provides peace of mind and helps to ease the stress of these potential threats.

Our Close Protection services are tailored to suit the bespoke requirements of those who require it. Our packages can range from an individual Bodyguard accompanying a client for a few hours, all the way up to a permanent protection team consisting of multiple operatives, advance teams, residential teams and armoured vehicles.


The appropriate level of resources required will be derived from our individual risk and threat assessment, coupled with the information and preferences provided by the client. In addition, we recognise that clients may be inclined to a more covert or alternatively a more overt approach when it comes to their close protection teams. As a result, our roster of Operatives vary from discreet, unassuming individuals who could easily pass as a friend or colleague, right up to operatives with large physical presence who can act as a visual deterrent.

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Close Protection Bodyguard

At Ascalon Protection Group we also understand the sensitivity of our profession, particularly when working with families or children. This is why our operatives are not only highly-experienced working with high-profile clients such as Royalty, Heads of State, Celebrities and Corporate Executives, but are also proficient in ensuring the safety and security of the client’s immediate family if required, which is often a vital component of our work.

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To provide a better idea of some of our Close Protection services, we have included a few example scenarios:


Example 1:

After becoming aware of an attempted break-in at another house on her street, a London client was provided with a small onsite Residential Security team who monitor and protect her property 24/7, providing her with peace of mind in the safety of her own home.

Example 2:

A high-profile businessman from the Middle East spent many months of the year in a major European city, but was anxious about visiting due to a recent string of crime in particular targeting expensive watches and luxury cars. He was provided with a permanent team of 3 Close Protection Operatives, as well as a Security Driver and an additional protection vehicle, allowing him to move around freely without having to worry about his own safety, or the safety of his family.


Example 3:

An UHNW individual from the USA was planning a ski trip in Italy with his family, and requested a personal protection detail to accompany him. He was given a team of 2 Operatives (both of whom were competent skiers) for duration of the trip. One Operative was also native Italian speaker.


Close Protection Bodyguard
Close Protection Bodyguard

To find out more about our services or to get a bespoke quote, please get in touch with us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions




Every single one of our operatives are not only highly-experienced in Close Protection but are also from a Military, Police, or Government Services background, often from specialist units including UK Special Forces (SAS/SBS), US Special Forces (Delta Force/Navy Seals), SO14 Royalty Protection and Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP), as well as organisations such as MI5, MI6, CIA and the FBI. We also have a large international network of operatives outside of the US and UK, which provides the option to embed additional local manpower into our teams if required, which can be a valuable asset particularly when visiting certain countries.



This depends on the location and nature of the task. In the UK for example, operatives are not permitted to carry firearms, even if they are ex-Military/ex-Police. However in the US operatives are allowed to be armed if they possess the correct licenses for that particular state. For other countries which may present a more hostile environment, the requirement for weapons will be evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis.



Yes, absolutely. Female operatives are usually in high-demand for a variety of reasons, such as client preferences, or for religious/cultural sensitivities. Like their male counterparts, Ascalon’s female operatives all derive from a Military or Police background, and are highly-experienced in Close Protection.



There are a variety of factors to consider when putting together a protection detail, such as threat, location, manpower, vehicles, travel expenses etc. If you are interested in getting a quote for our services, please contact us.

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