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Ascalon Protection Group

ASCALON. noun 1. [in legend] The sword or lance used by St. George to slay the dragon

Our Story

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, personal protection and organisational security have become paramount concerns, particularly amongst the high-net-worth community. Close Protection, also known as Executive Protection or Bodyguarding, plays a critical role in mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of individuals and/or high-value assets.

Ascalon Protection Group are a London-based, globally-operational security company providing professional Close Protection and Bodyguarding services, and we strive to be one of the leading names in Private Security. Founded and managed by two former-British Army Captains, we are committed to providing our esteemed client base with professional, effective and experienced personal security solutions. In recent years we and our Operatives, all hailing from an accomplished Military or Police background, have provided Close Protection and Bodyguarding services to some of the most prestigious and high-profile people in the world, including Royalty, A-list Celebrities, C-level Business Executives, Diplomats and other UHNW individuals.


We have the capacity to deliver a range of overt or discrete services, both on a short term-basis or on a long-term permanent contract. These can range from the employment of single Bodyguard, to multiple teams of Operatives covering separate family members and locations. The end result of this is ultimately providing our clients with peace of mind knowing their safety and security needs, as well as that of their family, residences and assets, are being taken care of by professionals who are committed to their protection.


All of our Operatives have a background in either the Military, Police or specified Governmental Services, also supplemented with a minimum of 2 years continuous experience as a Close Protection Operative, although often much longer. We consider the quality, pedigree and experience of our Operatives to be the cornerstone of Ascalon Protection Group, with many of our personnel previously being part of specialised units such as the SAS, SBS, U.S Delta Force, and MI6. In addition, all Operatives must hold a Level 3 Close Protection license as dictated by UK Law, and a minimum of a Level 3 Medical qualification (FREC3, FPOS-I etc) and are fully vetted in accordance with BS7858 standard. We all ensure that all of our overseas Operatives are also fully certified for Close Protection operations in their particular territories.

Residential Security

Having operated in the combined industries of defence, private security and UHNW services for a number of years, we have built an organisation dedicated to operating at the highest standard within Close Protection and the private security industry, with a base in the heart of London and a true operational global reach. Aside from our own international experience in the aforementioned spaces, we have also endeavoured to create a strong network of high-quality individuals outside of the UK, particularly in the USA and Europe. These connections, some of which are security-personnel and others which are UHNW services, provide Ascalon Protection Group with immediate local-national (LN) support should it be required, thus enhancing the operational effectiveness of our brand.


Our mission is to provide peace of mind to UHNW individuals and their families through the provision of high-end, bespoke private security services such as Residential Security, Close Protection, Security Drivers and Superyacht Security, affording our clients the opportunity to navigate their personal and professional lives with confidence.

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