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What is Close Protection?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

what is close protection

Close Protection (also known as Bodyguarding or Executive Protection) is generally used as an umbrella term which covers many aspects of personal security. The purpose of Close Protection is to protect an individual (or group of individuals) from a variety of potential threats, whether at home or on the move. These threats can be targeted or opportunistic in nature, from hostile surveillance or intelligence gathering, to theft, kidnapping and even attack.

Close Protection services come in many forms and will look different depending on a number of variables, such as threat level, budget, location and client’s preferences. At the most basic level this will consist of a single bodyguard who may be accompanying a client for just a few hours, possibly during a day trip or an evening event for example. Residential Security also a form of Close Protection, and again at the lowest scale will consist of a single operative protecting the client’s property.

As the variables are increased or altered, for instance where the client’s profile, threat level and/or budget is greater, the Close Protection requirements are scaled accordingly. The most advanced Close Protection teams in the world (think Presidents, High-Profile CEOs, A-List Celebrities etc) are often vast in their size and operational capability. They can consist of multiple permanent teams (Protection Teams, Advance Teams, Surveillance Teams, Residential Teams etc) all communicating via radio or secure data nets, with fleets of luxury and armoured vehicles driven by trained Security Drivers. Often these permanent teams will travel with their client(s) all over the world, sometimes linking up with local nationals in different countries in order to provide an element of knowledge on the ground.

Contrary to popular belief, Close Protection (particularly at the highest level) is not about being the best at being able to fight off these threats when they occur. Whilst it is true that many Close Protection Operatives and Bodyguards will usually have close combat skills, most of their work will be to minimise and mitigate the risk of anything happening at all. As a result, the modern day bodyguard will be a methodical, proactive and an intuitive thinker who can come up with solutions quickly in order to ensure the lowest risk possible, without greatly inconveniencing or hindering the activity of the client.

If you are interested in finding out more about Close Protection, or wish to discuss your requirements with us, please get in touch.



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